How Do I Get Paid?

Once you have entered into a FIT contract, you will receive a fixed price for the electricity you produce over a 20-year contract period (except for waterpower projects, for which the contract period is 40 years).

The prices paid for electricity produced vary according to the renewable energy source used and the size of the project. The payments are designed to cover typical capital and operating costs and to provide a reasonable return on your investment over the term of the contract.

FIT Price Schedule
The price schedule sets out the prices developers will be paid for the renewable energy produced by their FIT Program projects.

Incenting Peak Production
Technologies that are not intermittent (i.e., dispatchable) are encouraged to shift production to peak periods when the electricity is most needed.

Price Adder
Certain projects are eligible to receive a payment ("price adder") in addition to the contract price.


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