Approvals Required

To participate in the FIT Program, you must:

  • be willing to make necessary investments in your project, including equipment, installation and construction, and to bear all operating and maintenance costs, including applicable fees and charges applied by your local electricity distribution company
  • ensure that your project meets all applicable laws, regulations and codes
  • have your project connected to your local electricity distribution system, a host facility or the IESO-controlled grid and separately metered for data collection at your expense
  • enter into a 20-year FIT contract (40 years for qualifying waterpower projects) with the OPA
  • be able to access the Internet to register your project and accept the FIT contract, and have a valid email address.

Eligibility Requirements
Information about what projects are eligible for the FIT Program.

Agricultural Land Restrictions for Solar PV
The OPA is providing guidelines that balance the benefits of more renewable energy with the need to protect Ontario's prime agricultural land.

Domestic Content
Solar PV and wind projects are required to meet domestic content requirements.

Incremental Projects
Expansions to existing projects have a number of additional eligibility requirements.

Transition Options
The OPA has expanded and enhanced the transition options for existing small renewable energy projects of 500 kW and less.

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